Federal Grant Categories

To date, more than 1,000 federal grant programs are offered by the 26 federal agencies. These consist of 21 different categories and you should read on to find out more.

Anything that has to do with crops, livestock and the land belongs under Agriculture.

If it has something to do with preserving the nationís history, this falls under the category of Arts and the Humanities, Recovery Act or Regional Development

Any ideas that will help improve the economy are the category Business and Commerce. This is not only for the US but also with nations that the country has economic ties with to improve the situation over there.

To fight against alcohol, abuse, drugs and other vices, such proposals fall under the grant category of Community Development.

Every year, the country faces natural disasters. While there are federal agencies around that help in the effort, any ideas that have never been done before are most welcome as there is also a category that focus on Disaster Prevention and Relief.

There are some who say that there is something wrong with educational system in this country. If you want to help resolve this issue, you can submit a proposal under the category Education.

A lot of people have lost jobs this past year and that number is expected to grow. If you have a proposal that can help the unemployed find work, a proposal can be sent under the category Employment, Labor and Training or Social Services and Income Security

Renewable energy is the answer to save the environment and decrease the countryís dependency on foreign oil. This will also help reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere that also contribute to climate change. If you have ideas, you can write a proposal on Energy, Environmental Quality or Natural Resources.

Part of reducing the dependency on oil is the promotion of hybrid cars. While American made vehicles are not there yet compared to the Japanese, progress is being made. If you can develop a car that is going in that direction and need funding, write a proposal under the category Transportation. Technological advances in other fields should be addressed to Science and Technology.

We try to follow a certain diet so we get the right amount of nutrients daily. While eating is not enough, this should also be combined with exercise. Such a proposal takes a lot of research and this can be done if you are able to write a proposal under the category Food and Nutrition or health.

If people donít have jobs, they will eventually lose their homes especially when they are still paying for it. If you have ideas that could help people keep their homes, a proposal should be sent under the category Housing.

Figures are what people look at to make a point. Since getting a census is not always effective, if you have a better way to do it, a proposal will be serve under the category Information and Statistics.

While the government is in charge of making federal and state laws, it is still the people who should be heard. If there are problems and you have a way to address it, a proposal should be sent under the category Law, Justice and Legal Services.

The amount of money you get from the Federal Grant varies. You should send your application together with the supporting documents that mention how much you need so this can be properly evaluated.


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